My performance practice evolves around my voice, in singing and in poetry. Sometimes using loop machines to add the possibility of multiple voices or a non horizontal time line. While I enjoy creating for the stage, I prefer an intimate setting with no lines between audience and the performance. Very little documentation exists of this part of my work, since documenting interrupts the performance, or even changes it.

I use layers of reality, such as with stories, poetry and anechdotes cross referring to the current room, using "improvisation in a frame." A central topic is that it is impossible to recreate something, like a memory, because life and reality is so rich in details and dimensions. Even if an exact copy would be made, the experience would be remembering a memory, not experiencing it. A homage to life. You don't get to re-live it and that is the point.
The core is always touching the audience with as little blur as possible in between our minds. When I use words, the text is not the piece, but an element. I believe in the nakedness and honesty of true singing. It may be viewed and interpreted as music, but my process and tradition stems from art.

I have always had a performative aspect in my installations and videos, with or without the presence of my body. In my installations, the audience are participators in the piece, with their presence and bodies. Material is nothing in my works, mind is everything.

The past years performance has become my main practice. I perform alone or in various collaborations. I have moved towards being more minimalistic in most performances, trusting the power of and in the moment, though still enjoying the occational theatrical divaness as Columbina, singing over the top opera and drinking wine. When performing my own music in concerts directed to the alternative music audience, I use the stage name Marla Rosso.

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As Columbina, Bitche's Brew, Skövde 2012 right: As Marla Rosso, promo pic 2015

Stealing the mike from the band
Kolonin, Gothenburg 2012

With Selenite Summit, Umeå University 2008 right: With Aron Hidman at Sunset Park Festival, Umeå 2009